No Acceptable Business Case

140404 GM Acceptable Buisness Case

 The Chevy Cobalt is being recalled because the ignition shuts off while the vehicle is running! None of the solutions to fix it represented an “acceptable business case“, according to General Motors. Thirteen people have died so far. GM warns this can be caused by too heavy a key ring.

So, as your life passes before your eyes while barreling downhill at 80mph without power, or airbags, please keep in mind… your key ring is too damn heavy.

Acceptable Business Case

On the other hand you could have kept your key ring and GM could have fixed the problem with a 57 cent part.

At least they’re not blowing your bail out money.



3 Responses to No Acceptable Business Case

  1. Peter says:

    Buy a Ford.

  2. George says:

    Peter: I’d rather die in a Chevy than own a Ford.

  3. Terry says:

    Legacy and labor costs were draining GM. It’s no secret that cutting costs elsewhere was their only solution. Easiest target is parts.
    I am convinced US car manufacturers can design, engineer and produce reliable vehicles if not saddled with high labor costs and antiquated labor structures.
    It is so sad to witness people’s lives ruined by the demand to maintain unsustainable margins.
    A self-righteous Barbara Boxer takes great pleasure in crucifying Mary Barra in front of the cameras when her own labor constituency benefits from the decisions forced upon GM hierarchy. They’re all to blame.

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