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Magazine Sale

100807bokloresNinety-one year old stereo tycoon, Sidney Harman, bought Newsweek for one dollar. His wife is California congresswoman Jane Harman.

The Mother Of All Clean-Ups

100806bokloresHow do you lose 200 million gallons of oil? Apparently Mother Nature cleaned it up. Maybe she’ll sell it on the spot market.

Cartoon Overkill

100805bokloresThis story in the Daily Telegraph says some informants may be identified, and at risk, in the Wikileaks dump of 90,000 documents.


Fredrich Hayek’s 1944 classic Road to Serfdom has become a best seller again. He said that governments tend to plan production for political, rather than market, purposes. Government owned GM’s new Volt costs $41,000, runs on a battery, and gets 40 miles per charge.

Zero Sum

100803boklores1NYC’s Landmarks Preservation Commission cleared the way for a new mosque and community center, Cordoba House, to be built two blocks from ground zero. Mayor Bloomberg says this is a fine example of American religious tolerance. 9/11 Mayor Rudy calls it a “desecration”. Even if it’s built with the best of intentions, Dan Senor says in the WSJ, it will be seen by Muslim extremists as victory monument. Atlantic Wire has the pros and cons here.