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Reagan Legacy

reagan legacy

Daniel Henninger, of the WSJ,wrote a column about a column by Nicholas Confessore, of the NYT. The idea is the Republicans have killed the thing the Democrats never could – the Reagan legacy.


Blame Government

131209-obama-blame-government-reaganPresident Obama told Chris Matthews not to blame him for the stumble start of ObamaCare. Blame the government. More specifically, blame outdated big agencies.

But don’t blame outdated big agencies for the web site. It’s up to “private sector velocity“.

Blame Government

The Gipper could have told The Messiah that government isn’t the solution to our problem, it is the problem.

George Will is amused.



 Robert Bork died late this year. He was a distinguished scholar. One of his many distinctions included having a last name as a verb form – “to bork”. The good judge was borked by Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy during senate hearings on his nomination to the supreme court.

The late senator from Chappaquiddick claimed,  “Robert Bork’s America” was a place where “women would be forced into back alley abortions and blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters.” A more circumspect Biden would wait 25 years before claiming they would be seated in chains.


How Peggy Noonan sees Romney’s Etch A Sketch problem:

…then-Sen. Barack Obama, in 2008, was widely viewed as a blank slate, an empty canvas on which people painted their hopes and yearnings. He knew it; he admitted it was part of his mystique. So he was a kind of Etch A Sketch too, only he let the voters turn the knobs. The other is that it illustrated with a disheartening vividness the essential Romney problem, which has never gone away after all this time: that he’s making it up as he goes along, that he’ll be one thing today and another tomorrow.

We’re all Gippers Now

Michael Kinsley isn’t channeling Ronald Reagan.