Robert Bork died late this year. He was a distinguished scholar. One of his many distinctions included having a last name as a verb form – “to bork”. The good judge was borked by Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy during senate hearings on his nomination to the supreme court.

The late senator from Chappaquiddick claimed, “Robert Bork’s America” was a place where “women would be forced into back alley abortions and blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters.” A more circumspect Biden would wait 25 years before claiming they would be seated in chains.

One Response to Borked

  1. Ted Kennedy : professional brother, total loser. Biden, now vice plagiarist of the USA, complete fool. There is a market for anything. Remember too – overrated Sam Nunn voted no on the Bork nomination. His kid Nunn-Martin would be even worse in the Senate. She would be a complete disaster, endorsed by Jane Fonda and every leftwing group out there. All who voted no on the great Robert Bork should be defeated. David Perdue U.S. Senate 2014.

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