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IRS Song and Dance


 IRS lavish spending on conferences included this video. Meanwhile the agency harassed conservative groups. An anti-abortion group was ordered not to protest near Planned Parenthood in exchange for its tax exemption and was asked intimidating questions.

“The questioning included requests for copies of Facebook postings, the content of prayers, political beliefs of members, résumés of board members and dealings with the media.”

Real Scandal

Politico had over 90 stories last week about the Herman Cain sexual harassment allegations. It’s still unclear just what is being alleged but it doesn’t appear to include pulling down his pants and ordering a subordinate to “kiss it”.  That would be the charge against President Bill Clinton from about the same era.

Oddly, women’s groups swarmed to the defense of the “lovable rogue” and, after being impeached, he weathered the storm – minus his Arkansas law license.

None of us, however (at least not the 99%), weathered the storm caused by another scandal with racial overtones. Paul Sperry reported in IBD, how Clinton pressured financial institutions to make home loans to the un-creditworthy. Meanwhile, MSN Money quotes David Weidner, of Marketwatch, saying Clinton’s biggest mistake was the repeal of Glass-Steagall.

Business Week reported this week that, after stating a $4.4 billion loss for the third quarter, Freddie Mac will seek an additional 6 billion dollar bail-out from taxpayers.

Walking Guns Not Talking

AG Holder may have perjured himself in the Fast and Furious walking guns to Mexico affair.  It also seems that DOJ employees tried to intimidate CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson.


In the most lopsided trinket deal since the Indians sold Manhattan, Jim “The Vest”  Tressel lost his 3.5 million dollar a year job as head coach of the The Ohio State University amateur football enterprise.

Tressel was tasked with policing the economic activities of the concern’s players. By fiat, the players’ incomes are restricted to the value of athletic scholarships plus bonuses, paid in trinkets. An uncertain number of players chose to liquidate those bonuses at a tattoo exchange. Others may be guilty of capturing market value for their services in the form of discounted auto sales.   Having learned of the unauthorized economic activity, Tressel failed to report it to the controlling authorities.  He was dismissed.