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Special Place in Hell


Hillary carried the 65-and-over female vote in New Hampshire. And that’s it. Bernie won the overall women’s vote 53% to 46%.

As for women 30 and under, well, there’s a special place in hell for them. 82% supported Sanders.

Politico tells us why.

Heather Wilhelm explores how women earned the right to be drafted.

Republican Establishment Melt Down

160211-republican-establishmentIn the run-up to the New Hampshire primary Byron York began asking Republican establishment types if they knew anyone who supports Trump. Here’s what he found:

“I don’t know anybody who supports him.” They’re politically active and aware, but they said they have no contact in their daily lives with even a single person who supports their party’s front-runner.

After that conversation, I began to ask everyone I met: Do you know anyone who supports Donald Trump? In more cases than not — actually, in nearly all the cases — the answer was no. I asked one woman Friday night, and she said she hadn’t thought about it. I ran into her the next morning at breakfast, and she said, “That was a good question you asked me last night, and I’ve given it some thought.” And no, she didn’t know any Trump supporters.

…”So what explains the polls?” I asked.”I don’t know.”

Republican Establishment

They never knew what hit them.  NPR reports Jeb Bush spent $36 million for 30,000 votes. Trump spent $3 million for 100,000 votes.

David Frum in The Atlantic says, “The angriest and most pessimistic people in America are the people we used to call Middle Americans”.

John Nolte in Breitbart says 32% of Trump’s angry and pessimistic voters in New Hampshire were college grads.

Tucker Carlson, in Politico, sums up the Trump revolt against the Republican establishment as “shocking, vulgar, and right”.

Democrat Establishment Melt Down


The Democrat establishment is worried about a Clinton campaign melt down.

Hillary says, “no worries.” She’s not the establishment. She’s “a woman running to be the first woman president.” Then, again, Bernie Sanders is a Jew running to be the first Jewish president.

The first woman lost New Hampshire to the first Jewish Democratic Socialist by 22 points.

Hillary wasn’t even the first woman to be Secretary of State. Madeleine Albright was.

Democrat Establishment

Albright says, “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help women.” Evidently, that’s where you’ll find millennial women these days. They’re voting like crazy for Sanders. That’s because “that’s where the boys are,” according to Gloria Steinem. Kathleen Parker says there’s a more likely explanation:

…young liberal women, like their male counterparts, are attracted to the cool old guy because he’s promising a dream in which the rich have less and the poor have more. Robin Hood is so awesome.

Maureen Dowd thinks Hillary “is establishment enough.” Her sense of entitlement is her problem:

She has long been driven by a fear of being “dead broke,” as she put it — and a conviction that she deserved the life and perks she would have had if she had gone into the private sector. That led her to do her suspiciously lucrative commodity trades while Bill was Arkansas attorney general and to make Wall Street speeches on the cusp of her 2016 campaign, even though she and Bill had already made more than $139 million between 2007 and 2014.

Dowd says “Hillary isn’t likable enough for the young women who were supposed to carry her forward as a Joan of Arc.” At least not compared to “chick magnet” Bernie Sanders.


Hill and Bern in Lockstep


Hill and Bern left the Hawkeye State in lockstep with the FBI hot on the trail. They finished in a virtual tie in the Iowa Caucus.

The NYT reported on Friday that the State Department refused to release 22 emails on Hillary’s home brew computer because they are too highly classified.

Ed Kline reports that Hillary’s inner circle of Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin, and Jake Sullivan have been told by the FBI to be prepared to testify.


Crony In Chief

160125-crony-in-chiefTed Cruz has an ad showing Donald Trump bulldozing a widow’s home in order to make room for limousine parking at Trump Plaza. Trump didn’t do that. But he tried. He got the state of New Jersey to use its eminent domain power to go after the house. Trump lost in court but he thinks teaming up with government to seize private property for his own benefit is “wonderful”.

Crony Capitalism.

Kevin Williamson in National Review calls Trump “a lifelong crony capitalist who brags about buying political favors”. He goes on to say Trump supporters believe, “that they can dispatch a crony capitalist to undo crony capitalism in the same way that New Age healers believe that a little bit of diluted poison chases away similar toxins.”