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Russian Red Line


Having drawn a red line in Syria, President Obama was unwilling to take action after Bashar Assad gassed his own people. Putin stepped in to save Barack’s bacon by setting up an inspections regime to remove poison gas from Syria.

Russian Red Line

On Monday at the UN President Putin said Russia would step up its support for Syria. Secretary of State Kerry welcomed the idea hoping Putin would do some of the dirty work needed to beat ISIS. On Wednesday the Russians told the Americans to get out of the way and bombed near Homs. The US says ISIS isn’t in Homs but “moderate” Syrian rebels are.

Now, according to the Telegraph, our new best friends, Iran and Hezbollah, are joining the fight.

Speaking of that red line – in 2013 Obama denied ever setting it. On Tuesday Josh Ernest insisted the president does’t regret setting it.

Pope Fiat


Josh Ernest thinks Francis  and Obama are two peas in a pod. Both men believe in social justice and global warming. But it’s hard to imagine King Barack in Fiat. Dennis Miller adds that the Pope drives a Fiat and Obama rules by Fiat.

Scott Walker Snaps Out

150923-scott-walkerNow there are fifteen.

Scott Walker followed the lead of Rick Perry and shut down his campaign. He said we was helping clear the field so a positive conservative message can rise to the top. Supporters thought he would be the one to deliver that message. Between the Donald and the other candidates in the debates he couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

There are other views.

Michael Barone thinks the Republican party now appeals to people beyond traditional conservatives, libertarians, and evangelicals. That might explain Trump, Fiorina, and Carson. And the demise of Walker.

Mark Steyn called him a “performing seal”.


Ahmed’s Clock.


Fourteen year old Ahmed Mohamed made a clock and brought it to school. Ahmed’s clock doesn’t look like other clocks. It has a bunch of wires and gizmos inside a briefcase.

Ahmed showed it off to his engineering teacher who told him not to carry it around to his classes. That might be because he was afraid someone might mistake Ahmed’s clock for a bomb. Sure enough an English teacher did just that. Being a school, the place went berserk. Ahmed was handcuffed, questioned, and sent home.

Since he didn’t point a finger like a gun, or wave around a pop-tart chewed to look like a gun, he wasn’t suspended. But he is Muslim and his dad says that’s why he was profiled.

Kevin Williamson thinks Amhed looks like your average American high school nerd destined for Silicon Valley success. That didn’t keep him from from his 15 minutes of celebrity fame as an oppressed victim. Nor from an invitation to the White House by the president.


Refugees Responsibility

150910-denali-refugeesIBD says that McKinley was our first colonialist president. Obama is our first anti-colonialist president. That explains  why Mt. Mckinley is now just Denali. Nobody got hurt, except for some feelings here in Ohio.




The unraveling of colonial arrangements in the Middle East has been less benign. Refugees are flooding Europe.

The White House announced yesterday that it would accept 10,000 Syrian refugees in the coming year. John Kerry says the US might take up to 100,000 total refugees this year. A Washington Post editorial complains that’s less than half the number from our last big bug out – Vietnam in the 70’s.