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Border Sam

100729bokloresHere’s a Washington Post story about border paradoxes. One of the unintended consequences of tighter border control in California and Texas is more illegal crossings in Arizona. Another is the idea that with more border security, illegal workers already here stay here.


100730bokloresA federal judge has stopped Arizona’s new immigration law. Here’s a good Washington Post story by Roberto Suro that explains where the Arizona law came from and where it may may be headed.

Middle Men

100728bokloresThe WikiLeaks document dump confirmed suspected double dealing by Pakistan. (Anne Applebaum uses the NYT’s own year old story to zing the Times for presenting Pakistan support for the Taliban as news.) Afghan president Hamid Karzai has already threatened to join the Taliban. Maybe we should cut out the middle men.

Not Exactly The Pentagon Papers


ProPublica compares the WikiLeaks to the Pentagon Papers and finds them wanting. Only in America can you dump 90,000 classified documents and have nothing new. (Unless you consider 2 media entities with 4 capital letters something new.)