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Dogsled Teams Reached Warp Speed in 1925

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Dogsled teams rushed antitoxin serum across the Alaskan wilderness to reach Nome in record time in 1925. They made a trip that normally takes 25 days in less than six and saved the town from a diphtheria epidemic.

America went ape over the dogs. A statue of Balto, a lead dog, still stands in New York’s Central Park. Balto also played the lead in a 1995 animated feature.

But it turns out Balto may be the Rosie Ruiz of the sled dog set. Another dog, Togo, led the team through the most treacherous stretch while Balto led the last leg to the finish.


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Threat to Our Democracy Biden vs Trump

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“Threat to our Democracy” is the Never Trump Resistance’s battle cry. The president is a very stable genius but he says weird things, like claiming that women let him grab them by the pussy. So his opponents deemed him unfit for office and pitched removing him under the 25th amendment. Failing that, and unable to find evidence President Trump is a Russian double agent, they tried a different approach. The House impeached him for a phone call asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden. But the Senate acquitted him.

Threat to Our Democracy

Now the Democrats hope to remove Trump by other means – an election. But their chosen candidate, Joe Biden, says weird things too. He also got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. And he’s been accused of grabbing a woman by the.. well, you know.

Robert De Niro Hollywood Wit

Robert De Niro is a wit sandwich.

He was preceded in wit recently by Sammantha Bee. She called Ivanka a feckless c__t. And he was followed by Peter Fonda’s plea for Barron Trump to be kidnapped by pedophiles.

Hollywood Wit

But on the Radio City Music Hall stage for the Tony Awards, De Niro offered a simpler call to political action. F__k Trump.

And he got a standing ovation.