Threat to Our Democracy Biden vs Trump

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“Threat to our Democracy” is the Never Trump Resistance’s battle cry. The president is a very stable genius but he says weird things, like claiming that women let him grab them by the pussy. So his opponents deemed him unfit for office and pitched removing him under the 25th amendment. Failing that, and unable to find evidence President Trump is a Russian double agent, they tried a different approach. The House impeached him for a phone call asking Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden. But the Senate acquitted him.

Threat to Our Democracy

Now the Democrats hope to remove Trump by other means – an election. But their chosen candidate, Joe Biden, says weird things too. He also got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. And he’s been accused of grabbing a woman by the.. well, you know.

2 Responses to Threat to Our Democracy Biden vs Trump

  1. Thomas says:

    Only one has been on the government payroll for forty years and has very little accomplishments. But he can’t remember anything he did because he is suffering from dementia

  2. Wiley Gordon Hamby says:

    Another home run, Chip; you are the MAN!

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