Robert De Niro Hollywood Wit

Robert De Niro is a wit sandwich.

He was preceded in wit recently by Sammantha Bee. She called Ivanka a feckless c__t. And he was followed by Peter Fonda’s plea for Barron Trump to be kidnapped by pedophiles.

Hollywood Wit

But on the Radio City Music Hall stage for the Tony Awards, De Niro offered a simpler call to political action. F__k Trump.

And he got a standing ovation.

2 Responses to Robert De Niro Hollywood Wit

  1. scruffyleon says:

    Niro DID get a standing ovation – from fellow haters.
    Expected from the out-of-touch Hollywood Haters.

  2. Marie Wilkinson says:

    DeNiro is a low life privileged pr_ _k! His roles aren’t much of a stretch from his real life. F _ _ _ him, F _ _ _ Carrey and F _ _ _ both Fondas.

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