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Libya Model

libya model

National Security Adviser John Bolton likes the Libya model for North Korea Nuclear disarmament. What’s that? When Gaddafi saw what happened to Saddam Hussein in 2003 he cashed in his nuclear chips to George W. Bush and became an ally.

Libya Model

Things went swimmingly for the Libyan mass murderer, for a while. But then U.N. Ambassador Sammantha Power and Secratary of State Hillary Clinton convinced President Obama that regime change would be good for Libya. The result was chaos and Gaddafi was killed.

Hillary summed things up saying, “We came. We saw. He died.” Then she laughed maniacally.


Hillary’s Russian Hat

Russian Hat

Hillary put on a Russian hat during her Yale class day speech.

Bumbling Boy Scout Comey Elects Trump

bumbling boy scout comey

Here’s Holman Jenkins in his Business World WSJ column:

That Mr. Comey helped elect Mr. Trump makes it especially ironic that his early publicity tour has been so much devoted to bad-mouthing Mr. Trump’s character. Mr. Trump’s flaws are old news—he’s been bad-mouthed for decades by writers more knowledgeable and insightful than Mr. Comey. Millions of voters preferred him to the establishment alternatives anyway. This is the real news that continues to stick in the craw of Mr. Comey and many others.

Bumbling Boy Scout Comey

Jenkins goes on to add, “Putin is right about one thing: Washington has gone insane.


Hillary Can’t Let Go

hillary can't let go

Hillary can’t let go. In India last week she bragged that her 2016 voters accounted for 2/3 of GDP. They are the optimistic forward lookers while Trump’s Deplorables look backwards. And not only that, they don’t like black people getting rights. Or American Indians succeeding (talking to you Nikki Haley).

As for their women? Their husbands, sons, bosses or whoever pressured them to vote for Trump, Hillary claimed.

And then she fell down the steps.

Comey’s Response

comet's responseThe Devin Nunes memo released last Friday described an FBI application to the FISA court. The FBI was seeking permission to spy on Carter Page, a low level Trump advisor with Russian contacts. The application included the infamous Christoper Steele Trump dossier.

That would be the same dossier that former FBI Director Comey said contained “salacious and unverified” information. Not only that, the Clinton campaign funded the thing and possibly contributed information to it.

Comey’s Response

Comey’s response when he read the memo – That’s it?