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Libya Model

libya model

National Security Adviser John Bolton likes the Libya model for North Korea Nuclear disarmament. What’s that? When Gaddafi saw what happened to Saddam Hussein in 2003 he cashed in his nuclear chips to George W. Bush and became an ally.

Libya Model

Things went swimmingly for the Libyan mass murderer, for a while. But then U.N. Ambassador Sammantha Power and Secratary of State Hillary Clinton convinced President Obama that regime change would be good for Libya. The result was chaos and Gaddafi was killed.

Hillary summed things up saying, “We came. We saw. He died.” Then she laughed maniacally.


What Difference Does It Make?

what difference does it make

I thought about labeling the guy in the foreground Charles Woods. He’s the father of Tyrone Woods, the the security contractor killed defending the CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya.

But then I wondered, at this point, what difference does it make?

What Difference Does it Make?

Hillary lied to Mr. Woods that his son was killed a mob angry about a movie. Sort of like throwing rotten tomatoes, only using grenade launchers instead.

Here’s Mark Steyn’s 9/11 Benghazi anniversary review of the movie 13 Hours.

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