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Norms Have Changed


In a PBS interview Bill Clinton pined for the old days. He griped that norms have changed. And you can’t have your way with people against their will anymore.


Well, as Jimmy Carter used to say, “life ain’t fair.”

What Rocket Man Told Trump

what rocket man told trump

Nobody but the translator really knows what Rocket Man told Trump at their summit in Singapore. But we do know Kim wouldn’t be there if not for his nuclear weapons. His nukes are how he communicates his fearsome awesomeness to the world.


Speaking of communicating his fearsome awesomeness – where would President Trump be without his Twitter account?

Could be a long negotiation.

Eagles Rodman Rocket Man

eagles rodman rocket man

Maybe President Trump will un-cancel his meeting with the Philadelphia Eagles, like he did his meeting with the Pyongyang Tyrant.

It all had something to do with taking a knee during the National Anthem. Even though no Eagles took a knee.

Eagles Rodman Rocket Man

Anyway, it turns out Kim’s best buddy, Denis Rodman, likes Trump. So The Worm gave Rocket Man a copy of “The Art of The Deal”.

Can it get any weirder.? Um, yes it can. Rodman will be in Singapore during the summit.

Libya Model

libya model

National Security Adviser John Bolton likes the Libya model for North Korea Nuclear disarmament. What’s that? When Gaddafi saw what happened to Saddam Hussein in 2003 he cashed in his nuclear chips to George W. Bush and became an ally.

Libya Model

Things went swimmingly for the Libyan mass murderer, for a while. But then U.N. Ambassador Sammantha Power and Secratary of State Hillary Clinton convinced President Obama that regime change would be good for Libya. The result was chaos and Gaddafi was killed.

Hillary summed things up saying, “We came. We saw. He died.” Then she laughed maniacally.


No Nuke Deal

nuke deal

Trump called off talks with North Korea. Is it possible Kim Jong Un wants a nuke deal because he blew up his testing site?