No FBI Bias Here

FBI bias

Inspector General Michael Horowitz looked into the FBI investigation of Hilary Clinton’s email server. He released his report on Friday and testified before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday.

Some of his more interesting findings included text messages from lead FBI agent Peter Strzok. He referred to Hillary as the “future prez.” Strzok also said he would “stop Trump.” Still, the IG found no FBI bias in the investigation results.

No FBI Bias Here

Here’s Trey Gowdy asking how Jim Comey could draft an exonerating press release six weeks before the FBI’s interview with Hillary took place.

If you’ve got some time on your hands watch the entire I.G. hearing here on C Span:

2 Responses to No FBI Bias Here

  1. Todd Kettering says:

    Love the ‘future prez’ moniker with holding the bottle of bleach bit, really a great cartoon!

  2. scruffyleon says:

    Scrap the FBI, DoJ, CIA, and IRS. Start over with new personnel and better oversight. And fewer Democrats.

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