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Inauguration Day January 20, 2021

inauguration day, Biden, basement
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Inauguration day January 20, 2021 was my theme for this week’s Counterpoint cartoon. And here’s what I had to say about that…

One of the benefits of the cartoon collusion we practice here at Counterpoint is the opportunity to learn new things. For instance I learned today from Nick Anderson what WAP means. This is good to know because the Virtual Democratic National Convention began last night with Woke Joe bunkered in his basement as usual. Except for one thing. He kicked things off with an interview. Was it Jake Tapper? No. Was it Chris Wallace? No. Was it Cardi B? Hell Yes!

The Name’s Joe

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And Cardi B is no GloZell Green Fruit Loop interviewer. She actually asked him a non-softball question, “People want to know, can you provide college education, this [health care] plan, without a big chunk of taxes coming out of our checks?” Sure, Biden explained, “Practical things, like making sure that everybody has to pay their fair share.” Whatever.

Inauguration Day

The basement thing seems to be working for him. So I projected my cartoon out 6 months. Hope Woke Joe doesn’t oversleep.


What Would a Successful Insurrection Look Like?

successful insurrection, electoral college, House, impeachment

What would a successful insurrection look like. Would Chief Justice Roberts sit out the inauguration like he did the second impeachment? Would the bare chested guy with the fury head and horns swear in the president on a cold January day?

Trump Show Closes After Four Year Run

Trump show, biden inauguration

The curtain dropped on the Trump Show January 20. And Donald Trump caught the last Air Force One flight out to Mar-A-Lago.

Later that day President Biden gave an inaugural speech about unity before 25,000 occupying National Guard troops.

That evening rioters in Portland celebrated by attacking Democratic Headquarters.

Trump will Leave White House One Way or Another

Trump will leave, impeachment, resign

President Trump will leave the White House within 7 days one way or another. Passions run high about his remaining options.

The WSJ editorial page wants him to resign. Nancy Pelosi demanded that Mike Pence invoke the 25th amendment. But Pence said no – the same answer he gave when Trump pressured him to overturn the election. Now Pelosi wants a second Trump impeachment.

A Monday Quinnipiac survey found that 89% of Democrats want Trump frogmarched now. But 87% of Republicans are opposed. And 73% of Republican still believe there was “widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.”

If a big chunk of the population thinks the election was illegitimate what will they think of impeachment?

But if he’s not impeached does that mean loser presidents get a free pass from election day to inauguration day?

The Lid Closes on the Trump Campaign

lid, campaign, trump hospital virus
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Throughout September I kept reading that Joe Biden had called a “lid” on his campaign. The lid often closed by 9 a.m. and that meant no campaign activities or media availability the rest of the day.

Meanwhile President Trump put in full days, followed by Air Force One rides to campaign rallies and then back to the White House after midnight. Get up in four hours and repeat.

But now, a month before the election, the president has The Virus. And Joe is emerging from his basement shell.

The lid has turned.