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Biden Booted After Losing Round with Major

biden booted, walking boot, foot fracture
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Joe Biden was booted after suffering a hairline foot fracture while playing with his dog Major. He’ll be wearing an orthopedic walking boot for a few weeks. But not the enormous plaster cast I drew. It’s tough to fit “Happy 25th Amendment” on a dinky boot.

Speaking of that, was this one small step for a 78 year old white guy, and one giant leap for an ambitious women of color? Who knows? But I don’t get many chances to sign plaster casts these days.

Virus Pandemic in Team Biden’s Court

Virus pandemic, Team Biden's court
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The virus pandemic is in Team Biden’s court now. And, as luck would have it, they got an assist from Pfizer’s announcement that a 90% effective vaccine is on the way.

President Trump wasn’t happy about Pfizer’s timing. And it looks like the vaccine will be here before his concession speech.

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Vice Presidential Debate puts Fly to Sleep

vice presidential debate, mike pence, fly

Compared to the presidential debate last week, Wednesday’s vice presidential debate was pretty presidential.

Mike Pence was so calm he wouldn’t hurt a fly. At least he didn’t seem bothered by the fly resting on his head while he expressed his support for law enforcement.

That fly wouldn’t have stood a chance if Barack Obama were still around.

Inauguration Day January 20, 2021

inauguration day, Biden, basement
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Inauguration day January 20, 2021 was my theme for this week’s Counterpoint cartoon. And here’s what I had to say about that…

One of the benefits of the cartoon collusion we practice here at Counterpoint is the opportunity to learn new things. For instance I learned today from Nick Anderson what WAP means. This is good to know because the Virtual Democratic National Convention began last night with Woke Joe bunkered in his basement as usual. Except for one thing. He kicked things off with an interview. Was it Jake Tapper? No. Was it Chris Wallace? No. Was it Cardi B? Hell Yes!

The Name’s Joe

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And Cardi B is no GloZell Green Fruit Loop interviewer. She actually asked him a non-softball question, “People want to know, can you provide college education, this [health care] plan, without a big chunk of taxes coming out of our checks?” Sure, Biden explained, “Practical things, like making sure that everybody has to pay their fair share.” Whatever.

Inauguration Day

The basement thing seems to be working for him. So I projected my cartoon out 6 months. Hope Woke Joe doesn’t oversleep.


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