Biden Booted After Losing Round with Major

biden booted, walking boot, foot fracture
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Joe Biden was booted after suffering a hairline foot fracture while playing with his dog Major. He’ll be wearing an orthopedic walking boot for a few weeks. But not the enormous plaster cast I drew. It’s tough to fit “Happy 25th Amendment” on a dinky boot.

Speaking of that, was this one small step for a 78 year old white guy, and one giant leap for an ambitious women of color? Who knows? But I don’t get many chances to sign plaster casts these days.

4 Responses to Biden Booted After Losing Round with Major

  1. Matt Careysays:

    Very funny cartoon! However, I would have also enjoyed a cartoon with our President-elect using his boot to “escort” the reluctant-to-admit loser out of the White House.

    Your Democratic brother-in-law.

    • Boksays:

      Thanks to my Democratic brother-in-law for the free cartoon idea. But I wouldn’t want our presumptive President-elect to risk further injury to his foot or, worse, to get it stuck.

  2. Wiley Gordon Hambysays:

    Outstanding Chip; we love your stuff!

  3. Ckozsays:

    Safe to say that you’ll have lots of material to keep busy for the next four years…well, ok, maybe for a year or two at best.

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