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Hillary’s Lies

Hillary's Lies

The State Department Inspector General’s Report says Hillary broke the rules by using her home brew email server for official business. Hillary has insisted that her email setup was “allowed by the Stat Department”. It wasn’t. She lied.

Hillary’s Lies

Jonah Goldberg says Hillary’s lies are different than The Donald’s lies. His are spontaneous. Hers are premeditated.

Unlike Donald Trump’s lies, which he usually vomits up spontaneously like a vesuvian geyser, Clinton’s were carefully prepared, typed up, and repeated for all the world to hear over and over again…

Meanwhile, Clinton — who lives many time zones away from the word “entertaining” — is marketing herself as the mature and upstanding grown-up. She does nothing spontaneously. And that means all of her lies are premeditated.

Mickey Mouse VA

Mickey Mouse VA

VA Secretary Bob McDonald is ok with long lines.

“When you go to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? Or what’s important?” “What’s important is what’s your satisfaction with the experience?”

When it comes to the government Daniel Henninger, in the WSJ, thinks the experience is mostly Mickey Mouse.

Ben Rhodes

Ben RhodesBen Rhodes, a deputy national security advisor, claims to have a mind meld with President Obama. He says, “I don’t know anymore where I begin and Barack Obama ends.”

Somewhere after Obama ends and Rhodes begins, he claims to have manipulated the media to advance the administration’s narrative of the Iran deal.

The 38 year old aspiring novelist, with no national security experience, bragged that the White House press corp is young, inexperienced, and easily fooled.

Eli Lake at Bloomberg View say the narrative on the Iran deal began long before Rhodes got into the act.

Security Inquiry


Hillary says she’s not under criminal investigation by the FBI. She calls it a “security inquiry”. FBI Director Comey says it’s an investigation. He doesn’t know what “security inquiry” means.

Other words the Justice Department doesn’t recognize are “felon”, “convict”, and “juvenile delinquent”.

Separation of Powers

separation of powers

In January 2014 President Obama decided to go it alone. He said he had a pen and a phone and if Congress wouldn’t act he would.

Congress refused to act to allocate funds to reimburse insurance companies for Obamacare costs. The president used his pen to sign an executive order to disburse the money anyway. The House of Representatives sued.

Separation of Powers

In House v. Burwell, Congress argued that the executive branch violated the Constitution’s separation of powers. District Court Judge Rosemary Collyer agreed. The case will be appealed.

Meanwhile the president is allocating school bathrooms.