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Keystone and internet.


President Obama says he has a pen and a phone and doesn’t need Congress. Last week he used the pen to veto the Keystone pipeline and the phone to lobby the FCC to regulate the internet.

Net Neutrality


The FCC took over the internet with a 3-2 ruling. President Obama had pressured the independent agency to embrace “Net Neutrality“. The FCC will rule the world wide web as a 1930’s era public utility.

Root Causes of Terrorism

150225midnightMarie Harf at the State Department said her concerns for the “root causes” of terrorism are too nuanced for the folks to understand. Since then ISIS has kidnapped 150 Christians and threatened to conquer Rome and the Mall of America.



Senate Democrats filibustered a bill that would withhold funding from Homeland Security until the president pulls back his executive order on amnesty for illegal immigrants. Not gonna happen.

Besides, a federal judge in Texas already suspended the Obama order. Republicans must have got the news yesterday. Mitch McConnell caved.



Rudy Giuliani has backed off his claim that President Obama doesn’t love his country. Rudy now says Obama really does love Kenya. Just kidding.

It was no big deal when Obama called Bush unpatriotic in 2008. It was all the rage then to say that dissent is the highest form of patriotism.