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Tour de Kerry


John Kerry broke his leg while riding his bike on a Tour de France course. Guess that will keep him out of the Stanley Cup finals. He and his caregivers were transported home for surgery in a huge Air Force C-17.

Harry Reid Whups the Truth

150417-black-eyed-reidFrom the Senate floor in 2012, Harry Reid, without a shred of evidence, claimed Mitt Romney hadn’t paid his taxes for 10 years.

From his bathroom floor on New Years day 2015, Reid claimed some exercise gear beat the crap out him.

CNN’s Dana Bash recently asked Reid about his Senate floor claim. He didn’t apologize or back away. He simply answered, “Romney didn’t win, did he?”

The Obama Workout Video

140607-Obama-workout-videoPresident Obama has released a new workout video. Actually, it’s an unauthorized cheap cell phone recording of the POTUS pumping iron. He was caught in a Warsaw hotel gym prepping for his Euro D-day tour.


At a D-day event luncheon Obama had a chance encounter with Russian President Putin. The two chatted for about 15 minutes. I recorded the conversation.

Jimmy Kimmel must have liked the cartoon!




Tale of Two Pulitzers


 ABC News president Ben Sherwood had the bad form to complain about being denied a Pulitzer Prize. Television isn’t even eligible for the prizes. They’re awarded to newspapers and digital outlets. Is a TV network’s digital site eligible? Beats me.

Anyway, Sherwood sent a 4 page letter to the Center For Public integrity demanding that ABC reporter Brian Ross be cut in for a share of CPI‘s prize. The reporting was about a doctor/lawyer conspiracy to deprive black lung victims of medical benefits.

Last I heard from Brian Ross he was busy mis-identifying James Holmes, the Denver theater psycho killer, as a Tea Party member.

Two Pulitzers

Meanwhile, Ed Snowden and Vlad Putin were overlooked by the Pulitzer Committee for an award shared by The Washington Post and The Guardian. The two papers were honored for stories detailing NSA spying. The snubbed Snowden, hero or traitor, depending on your point of view, did the basic reporting by stealing information from the NSA. Putin, a renowned New York Times columnist and famous Russian hockey player, is Snowden’s patron.

Obama’s Virtual Son

140121-obama-son-nfl-In a long interview with David Remnick of The New Yorker, President Obama once again commented on the son he never had. This time he refused to allow the hypothetical tyke to play in the NFL.

As for being a fan himself, and the guilty thrill of watching the real sons of other people get creamed, the president  had this to say:

 “These guys, they know what they’re doing. They know what they’re buying into. It is no longer a secret. It’s sort of the feeling I have about smokers, you know?”

Wonder if he’d let his imaginary son serve in Afghanistan?