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Fredrich Hayek’s 1944 classic Road to Serfdom has become a best seller again. He said that governments tend to plan production for political, rather than market, purposes. Government owned GM’s new Volt costs $41,000, runs on a battery, and gets 40 miles per charge.


100512bokloresKathleen Parker noticed that if Kagan is confirmed all three women justices will be from New York.

Empathy for the Court

090508bokloresDavid Souter says he’s retiring from the Supreme Court and President Obama is looking for an empathetic replacement .

There is a new Hate Crimes bill before Congress.

I’m not sure exactly which groups won’t make the cut for hate protection under this law but I’m guessing things might go harder on you if you shoot up a gay wedding than if you take out, say, a gang of global warming deniers. Given the coming need to sort out all our guilty thoughts, it’s not hard to figure Obama’s emphasis on empathy.

Nat Hentoff hates hate crimes laws here. Meanwhile, here is Thomas Sowell’s expression of his lack of sympathy for empathy.