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Benghazi Fiddler



Andrew Wilson has a great piece in American Spectator (with a nice picture) asking, just what was the president doing while the Benghazi compound was burning?



130211-_benghazi_syriaSenate testimony last week, from outgoing Defense Secretary Panetta and Joint Chiefs chairman General Dempsey, revealed that neither Obama or Hillary answered the 3 a.m. alarm on the night Ambassador Stevens was murdered in Benghazi. Panetta and Dempsey briefed the president on the situation that night at 5 p.m. Obama left the matter up to them and wasn’t heard from again until he flew to Vegas the next day and blamed the attack on a video maker.

Also it was learned that the president overruled advice from the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, CIA Director, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to arm fighters in Syria.


What Difference Does It Make?!


President Obama takes credit for killing Bin Laden. He claimed al Qaeda was “on it’s heels“.When an al Qaeda allied group killed Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi the white house blamed it on an obscure internet video. The video maker went to jail and Obama got re-elected. What difference does it make?

Here’s a David Ignatius analysis of “al Qaeda 2.0”.

About That Movie

None of the Benghazi attack terrorists has been captured. However, the guy who made that movie – the one Susan Rice now says did not cause the attack – is in jail. He’s in for violating his parole by using an alias while making the flick.

I would have used an alias too. The movie, “Innocence of Muslims”, is so bad it’s funny. It portrays Muhammad using the Quran as an excuse for murder, perversion, and mayhem. It reminded me of the Obama campaign video about Romney using capitalism to justify murdering a woman with cancer. The only difference is the president used his real name in that one and got re-elected.

Susan Rice said on Tuesday that she didn’t mean to mislead about the movie.

Biden Bin Laden Benghazi

With his trademark big smile, Vice President Biden makes some pithy remarks at the podium

Here’s Biden’s surprisingly pithy remark. And here’s Hillary saying of Libyan dictator Gadhafi, “We came. We saw. He died.”