What Difference Does It Make?!


President Obama takes credit for killing Bin Laden. He claimed al Qaeda was “on it’s heels“.When an al Qaeda allied group killed Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi the white house blamed it on an obscure internet video. The video maker went to jail and Obama got re-elected. What difference does it make?

Here’s a David Ignatius analysis of “al Qaeda 2.0”.

3 Responses to What Difference Does It Make?!

  1. 1goodbob says:

    That attempted cover up is 100 times worse than Watergate. The current Admin. seems to be Exempt from facts, honesty, laws, and common decency. Looks like the ” Elitists,” have picked her for the next pres. Lies and a loss of Diplomat lives mean nothing now. ( To Them. )

  2. Bozo the Yep says:

    I love how it’s enough to just say “they lied!” without once explaining what the hell they lied about, or when, or what they said. Just “they lied! A lie happened!” I remember when it mattered what you were talking about. Good times.

  3. Bok says:

    The sent Susan Rice out to Sunday talk shows to misdirect attention to a film maker as the cause of the attack on Benghazi when they knew it was an organized terror attack by a group affiliated with al Qaeda. Obama had been bragging that al Qaeda was “on it’s heels” after he killed Bin Laden.

    Hillary told the father of one the dead that the film maker would be brought to justice. He’s now in jail.

    Fun times.

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