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Saddam Red Line

130823-Syria-assad-gas-obama-cartoonIt looks like Obama’s red line in Syria has been crossed again. UN inspectors are testing victims for poison gas. Putin says if gas was used it was the rebels who did it.

The Assad government is supported by Iran and Hezbollah. Al Qaeda looms large among the rebels.

Hezbollah vs al Qaeda in Syria

So it’s Hezbollah vs. al Qaeda. In a Sunday NYT article titled In Syria, America Loses if Either Side Wins, Edward Luttwak claims the best we can do is hope nobody wins.


John Kerry now says a chemical attack is “undeniable”.

Al Qaeda on the Run

130808-on-the-runAfter retreating from Iraq, Afghanistan, and US embassies around the Muslim world, the president called in the marines – as background props for a Camp Pendleton speech – to announce that the “United States is never going to retreat from the world”. “We don’t get terrorized,” he said.

He also repeated his claim that “the core of Al Qaeda is on the way to defeat”.

Or as the late Osama bin Laden put it, “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse they like the strong horse”.

What Difference Does It Make?!


President Obama takes credit for killing Bin Laden. He claimed al Qaeda was “on it’s heels“.When an al Qaeda allied group killed Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi the white house blamed it on an obscure internet video. The video maker went to jail and Obama got re-elected. What difference does it make?

Here’s a David Ignatius analysis of “al Qaeda 2.0”.