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President’s Paranoia

President's paranoia

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Paranoia strikes deep in the Trump White House. But maybe there really is something resembling a deep state embedded in the government.

It appears we now have a Deep Throat of the Deep State. An anonymous op-ed writer in the NYT claims he leads a cabal within in the administration that thwarts Trump’s worst impulses. Or, put another way, they thwart the will of the voters who elected him.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse pondered the president’s paranoia on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, “I don’t understand the morality of why anyone would write the piece, because it seems pretty obvious to me that what it’s going to do is foster more paranoia.”

All Tweet No Action

all tweet no action

Former CIA Director and cable tv personality John Brennan has tweeted that Trump is a traitor and a danger to our nation. So the president took away his security clearance. Now Brennan says Trump is punishing a critic and suppressing free speech.

All Tweet No Action

Earlier this week WSJ columnist William McGurn complained that Trump is “all tweet and no action”. McGurn feels the FBI is slow walking documents Congress has subpoenaed. So he wants Trump to declassify them.

NATO Brussels Breakfast Belgian Waffles

brussels breakfast Belgian waffles

President Trump spoke up in his usual way at a NATO breakfast in Brussels. Which is to say overbearing.

He drove home the point, over and over, that all the member states need to pay their fare share. The U.S. pays more than other NATO members by far.

Brussels Breakfast Belgian Waffles

It’s a point often made by Trump opponents. But they were mortified.

Opposing Kavanaugh Nomination

kavanaugh nomination

Democrats protested President Trump’s Supreme Court choice. And that was before he picked Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Opposing Kavanaugh Nomination

Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Dick Durbin wants red state Dems to take one for the team and commit political suicide by opposing the Kavanaugh nomination.

Sempre Space Force

space force

President Trump wants a new branch of the military – The Space Force.