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Mail Ballots Overwhelm Election System

mail ballots, georgia election
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Dear Mr. Santa: According to our figures some 26 million mail ballots remain outstanding from the November election. The Bad Orange Man is very unhappy. It is, however, our hope that as a U.S.P.S. contractor you will do better with the special election in Georgia.



Jan 5 is “election day” in Georgia for the U.S. Senate run-off:

But 1,471,144 have already voted as of Dec. 21. And of those, 569,504 voted by mail out of 1,321,011 mail ballots requested.

Figures provided by University of Florida Professor Michael McDonald


Police Budgets Cut While Post Office gets Big Raise

Police, Defunding
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The Houston police chief is hiring officers from defunded cities. Meanwhile, the House voted to add $25 billion in new funding to the U.S. Postal Service

Postal Service Dismantled to Sabotage our Democracy

Postal Service, Sabotage our democracy
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President Trump is attempting to dismantle our Postal Service, out of a selfish desire to sabotage our democracy and maintain a grip on power.”

At least that’s how Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez sees it.

But no worries. Joe Biden promises, if elected, to order the military to evict the Orange Man from the White House.

Besides, we’ll always have email.

Delaying the Election Trial Baloon

delaying the election, post office
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President Trump launched a trial balloon about delaying the election. That would require acts of Congress and state legislatures which are unlikely.

And even if it did happen the 20th Amendment to the Constitution evicts the the president at high noon January 20th. So you’d need somebody to fill the vacancy by then.

And hope the mail-in ballots get delivered in time.

Speaking of mail-in-ballots:

Six weeks after New York’s primary election on June 23, the final vote tally in the 12th Congressional District remains a mystery. On Monday a federal judge ordered the counting of certain mail ballots that arrived after Election Day but without a postmark to prove when they were sent. Imagine this kind of mess 45 days following Nov. 3.

WSJ Editorial Board, August 8-9, 2020

Gyrocopter Air Mail


Postal worker Doug Hughes delivered a load of letters to Congress by landing a flying lawn mower on the U.S. Capitol lawn. He managed to fly his gyrocopter under Homeland Security’s radar and no one shot him.

Hughes is luckier than Miriam Carey. She was visiting our nation’s capitol more conventionally in her black Infiniti on October 3, 2013.

Somehow she made a u-turn at a secret service checkpoint and got involved in a high speed chase. That ended when Capital Police fired 26 shots killing the 34 year old dental hygienist but missing her 16 month old baby in the back seat.