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Stuck on the Tarmac

More than 200 JetBlue passengers were stranded on the tarmac for 7 hours on Saturday. The Boeing plant in South Carolina has been sitting on the tarmac since April. Pelosi thinks it should stay that way until its workers un-decertify their union.

Whistle While You Work

Bloomberg reports Solyndra’s boarded up factory was lavish and spa-like, complete with whistling robots.

Movin’ On Up


The census numbers are in and the population losers tend to be high tax and regulation states while winners are the opposite. New York and Ohio lost 2 House seats each. Texas gained 4. Doesn’t prove anything, but here’s what Michael Barone has to say about it.

Federal Power


A federal judge ruled that the federal government doesn’t have the power to make you go out and buy something you otherwise wouldn’t – health care in this case. The government claims its constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce gives it the right to do just that.

Nat Hentoff doesn’t think any clause of the constitution gives the government the right to assassinate its own citizens who become jihadists.

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