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Civil Disobedience Not What It Used To Be

Civil Disobedience, hair salon, barber shop, corona virus
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Civil Disobedience isn’t about fighting for your rights by enduring police dogs and fire hoses anymore.

Last year Antifa thug Gage Halupowski got six years for bashing Adam Kelly in the head during a protest riot. And this year it was Shelley Luther who went to the slammer for opening her hair salon.

Civil Disobedience

The Dallas Morning News reports a judge fined the hair stylist $7,000 and locked her up for a week for re-opening her salon on April 24 in violation of a stay-at-home order.

But the Texas Supreme Court ordered her release the next day.

Meanwhile 77-year-old Carl Manske wasn’t so lucky. His license was revoked for re-opening his Michigan barbershop. So Operation Haircut protesters plan to cut hair in his support on the Statehouse lawn May 20. Governor Gretchen Whitmer says the protest will spread the virus.

Authoritarian Itch Gets Scratched During Pandemic

Authoritarian itch, pandemic
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If you have an authoritarian itch, the Covid-19 pandemic provides a great opportunity to scratch it.

Andrew McCarthy and David Harsanyi write in National Review about authoritarian overreach.

A father in Colorado was briefly handcuffed for playing t-ball with his 6-year old daughter. Meanwhile, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer shut down the sale of fruit and vegetables at garden stores. And NYC Mayor de Blasio threatened to seize churches.

Shutting down church services was a big theme:

Two days before Easter, Louisville, Ky., mayor Greg Fischer attempted to unilaterally ban drive-in church services for the most holy day in Christianity.

David Harsanyi

But U.S. District Judge Justin Walker overruled the mayor. And maybe the judge was scratching that itch himself when he claimed,  “On Holy Thursday, an American mayor criminalized the communal celebration of Easter.”

 But, it’s still best to be king. As President Trump says:

When somebody’s the president of the United States, the authority is total.

Tapped Out In Flint

160122-tapped out in flint

Flint Michigan has third world tap water.

In a cost cutting move the City stopped buying water from Detroit and began building a pipeline to Lake Huron. Detroit cut Flint off before the pipeline was complete. The city began drawing water from the Flint River. People complained that the water was foul and smelly. The water department insisted it was safe.

The Flint water was so corrosive the auto industry stopped using it. The corrosion damaged pipes and caused lead levels to rise to five times acceptable levels.

Now it’s a huge infrastructure problem with no fix in sight. The entire population depends on bottled water passed out at fire stations.

The EPA didn’t acknowledge the water crisis in Flint until President Obama announced emergency federal help last week.

EPA also dragged its feet on its release of 3 million gallons of water from the Gold King Mine into the Animas River in Colorado last summer.

Last Man Standing

The History Channel Channel has a new show called Full Metal Jousting. It’s a reality show in which mounted crazy men try to unhorse each other with lances. Reminds me of the Republican Primary.

Dr Death Meets Grim Reaper