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West Point Speech

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The president gave the commencement address at West Point this week. The speech apparently didn’t have enough trigger points or insensitive comments to get him thrown out. The graduating West Point cadets tolerated their commander’s speech but didn’t give him a very rousing response. Quiet as a mouse according to Krauthammer.

West Point

Patching up his previous comments, Obama insisted he believes in American exceptionalism with every fiber of his being. But just because we are strong like hammer doesn’t mean everyone else is a nail. We must lead by example. Presumably North Korea, Syria, and Iran will follow. It was a little confusing.

Dick Cheney was not convinced.

Unhappy Saudis

131024 unhappy ungrateful saudis obama

I don’t think it’s because he listens to their phone calls (though he probably does), but the dependably ungrateful Saudis have had it with Obama.

They think he abandoned Mubarak, is going wobbly on Iran, and is gutless on Syria. Besides that, despite all his best efforts, Obama has more oil than they do. Basically they don’t trust the guy.

The WSJ’s Daniel Henninger deals with this, and more, in a column “Obama’s Credibility is Melting”.



The military in Egypt staged a brutal coup throwing President Morsi in jail, attacking the Muslim Brotherhood, and killing over a thousand. The Muslim Brothers responded by attacking Christians and burning churches. Probably because they can’t find any more Jews to attack.

Here’s Kirsten Powers in the Daily Beast on The Muslim Brotherhood’s persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Best Bet for Egypt

Krauthammer explains why he thinks the best bet is to root for the coup and hope the military allows new elections.

Egyptian Coup Cartoon



I thought this was kind of an interesting comment about Egypt by Melik Kaylan in Forbes – “…the army feels it has to behave legitimately because it wasn’t elected while Morsi felt he could behave imperviously because he was elected”.

Click the thumbnail to see Arab Spring Version 1.0:


Jewish Lobby Art




Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel’s views dovetail nicely with our customer/allies in Egypt. Hagel is on record saying that the “Jewish lobby” “intimidates” people “to do dumb and stupid things”. When pressed he couldn’t name anyone else who was intimidated to do anything dumb or stupid.

For his part, Egypt’s President Morsi is on record (thanks to MEMRI – the Middle East Media Research Institute), calling Jews zionist pigs and apes.

The Egyptian government recently purchaced F-16 fighter planes.