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Cartoon depicts how Romney and Obama were often in agreement about foreign policy during the debate. Romney embraces Obama

Governor Romney followed President Obama’s lead on foreign policy  during much of the presidential debate Monday night. The president seemed dismayed by this, especially when Mitt stepped on his toes on the issue of “daylight between the U.S. and Israel”.

I was dismayed to miss Monday Night Football and game 7 of the NLCS.

Peace Prize not Awarded to Empty Suit This Year


The Nobel Prize committee gave someone other than George Bush a kick in the leg this year by honoring dissident Liu Xiaobo with the Peace Prize.  China kept him in prison, so the award was presented to an empty chair.



The U.S. wants China to play a” responsible role” with North Korea.  That may depend on the meaning of “responsible”.

Take a Bow

091116bokloresWell, our president certainly isn’t one to hold a grudge. Within the same week he’s granted constitutional rights to the mastermind of of the worst attack on the U.S. since Pearl Harbor  and bowed to  the Emperor of Japan. Here’s a link to the LA Times story.

Mao Money



Considering that his budget proposes a 34% spending increase, our patrons the Chinese, are skeptical that Obama is doing everything he can to reduce the Bush Deficits.   Jawboning didn’t get the message across. Neither did  harassing the U.S. Navy.  So now they propose ditching the dollar in favor of a new world reserve currency backed by the IMF.

Geithner was initially cool with the idea which promptly caused the dollar to drop 1.3%.  Drawing on his vast rethinking powers, the Treasury Secretary had the dollar bouncing back 15 minutes later.