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Euro Gap

Historian Victor Davis Hanson explains why Germany is rich and Greece isn’t.



JP Morgan lost not quite as much as the federal government borrows in a day.

Make My Bailout

From spaghetti westerns to J. Edgar Hoover, Clint Eastwood commands attention. So when he gives a half-time pep talk at the Super Bowl you listen. Rich Lowry gave the performance a rave review but didn’t care for the script.

Port Authority

Dockworkers and truckers on the west coast were largely ungracious about the Occupy movement’s efforts on their behalf. Protesters attempted to disrupt capitalism by shutting down ports from San Diego to Anchorage, causing workers to be sent home without pay.

The president, who disrupted the the Keystone Pipeline and the jobs that go with it, has previously said of the protesters, “you are the reason I ran for office“.

Newt Loot

As surprise front-runner Newt Gingrich begins unpacking his baggage in Iowa the first item up for inspection is his $1.8 million dollar punched ticket on the Freddie Mac gravy train.

The figures in the chart for Franklin Raines and James Johnson are from IBD. Gorelick’s $26 mil came from CNSnews.