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French Train Heroes


Two off duty U.S. soldiers and a student subdued, and beat the crap out of, an armed terrorist on a French bullet train. The three are being treated as heroes and were awarded a medal by the French government. One is also being treated for wounds.

The gunman’s alibi? He’s no terrorist. He’s a train robber.

Military Soft Targets

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It’s not surprising that schools and theaters would be considered soft targets for sickos and terrorists. But U.S. military bases? The men and women gunned down in the “workplace violence” at Fort Hood were unarmed. So were the four Marines and a sailor killed by an Islamic extremist at two Navy recruitment centers in Chattanooga.

ISIS Strategy Session


President Obama still isn’t impressed by the JV team. Ten months into the contest he doesn’t yet have a strategy for ISIS.  He’s reaching out to Sunni tribes in Iraq to scout more fighters. Thomas Sowell says the president blew a big lead and now the game is his to lose.

Tour de Kerry


John Kerry broke his leg while riding his bike on a Tour de France course. Guess that will keep him out of the Stanley Cup finals. He and his caregivers were transported home for surgery in a huge Air Force C-17.

Climate of Fear


The Islamic Caliphate is capturing and holding territory in Anbar province and Syria. ISIS murdered 262 people in Palmyra over Memorial Day weekend. If past behavior is any guide, antiquities there could be doomed. President Obama called the defeat of Ramadi a “tactical setback”.

In a commencement speech at the Coast Guard Academy last week the president hinted at his military priorities. He named climate change the top national security threat.