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Ayatollah Advice


Ayatollah Khamenei recently held a fire and brimstone revival in Iran. He said there would be no nuclear deal unless sanctions are lifted immediately.The Supreme Leader then presided over a rousing chorus of Death to America chants.


Nukes for Iran


President Obama’s original line was no nukes for Iran. That may have changed. According to leaks, the administration is working on a ten year plan allowing enough centrifuges to have a nuclear infrastructure but not enough to build bombs. At the end of the ten years, thanks to Obama’s persuasive power, the mullahs will be mollified, Iran will become a normal country, and we’ll have nothing to worry about.

Bibi is unpersuaded:

The deal “doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb, it paves Iran’s path to the bomb,” Netanyahu said.

Got to See a Man About a High Horse

150207-high horse

A couple weeks ago Bob Menedez compared President Obama’s threat to veto any sanctions on Iran to “talking points that come straight out of Tehran”. Our philosopher king’s prayer breakfast lecture on Thursday could have been mistaken for talking points straight out of the Islamic State. He called on Christians to get off their high horse about man burning ISIS jihadis. He then reminded them that Crusaders did bad things in the name of Christ. A thousand years ago.

Ralph Peters will take two centuries of Crusades against “14 centuries of slaughtered, enslaved, raped, and oppressed Christians who endured Islam’s endless jihad” any day.

Brian Williams Next Helicopter Assignment

150205-Brian Williams

Will Brian Williams be brought down by his fake claim that his helicopter was brought down by an enemy RPG over Iraq in 2003? Not likely. Media critic Howard Kurtz says he’s too big to fail.

Now the New Orleans Advocate is questioning his claim about a body floating through the French Quarter during Katrina. Tom Brokaw says it’s time for him to go.

Not a Terror Group

150204-terror group

The White House won’t negotiate with Islamic State because it’s a terror organization. President Obama swapped five Gitmo terrorists with the Taliban for deserter Bo Bergdahl because the Taliban is not a terror group. It’s an insurgency group. The president does have a strategy.