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Currency Manipulators

President Obama and Governor Romney discuss China and United States currency manipulation.

There’s not much daylight between the candidates when it comes to protectionism either. Romney complained about Chinese currency manipulation in the debate. Obama one upped him by bragging …”Now with respect to what we’ve done with China already, U.S. exports have doubled since I came into office, to China and actually currencies are at their most advantageous point for U.S. exporters since 1993″.

Here is James Grant, of Grants Interest Rate Observer, on Bloomberg last August saying the Fed needs to get out of the central planning business.

Udate: Here’s Mary Anastasia O’Grady in Mondays WSJ on Ben Bernanke: Currency Manipulator.


Cartoon depicts how Romney and Obama were often in agreement about foreign policy during the debate. Romney embraces Obama

Governor Romney followed President Obama’s lead on foreign policy during much of the presidential debate Monday night. The president seemed dismayed by this, especially when Mitt stepped on his toes on the issue of “daylight between the U.S. and Israel”.

I was dismayed to miss Monday Night Football and game 7 of the NLCS.

Paul Ryan

Funny political cartoon by Chip Bok featuring Paul Ryan's Plan and Brack Obama's thought about the Ryan Plan

Romney’s choice of Ryan as his running mate will make the campaign less negative. That’s because now there’s a candidate I actually like.

Ryan’s a serious person. In February 2010 the president hosted a health care summit. He played the role of professor, addressing his congressional charges by their first names. Of course, it was all Mr. President to them. He seemed pleased with the arrangement. That was until until Ryan schooled him with his detailed criticism of the president’s own plan. The pique on the prez’s face is priceless in this video (It runs 6 minutes but you see The Face early on.)

Obama later took his revenge by inviting Ryan to sit in the front row for a speech about health care and entitlements. There he insulted his guest by suggesting his plan was un-American.

An unbowed Ryan stood up to the bully-in-chief with this response.

Ryan is still unbowed. I think his remarks yesterday in his first speech as a VP candidate, about our rights coming from nature and God, and not Governments, were directed at Obama. And I suspect the president is not 100% bought into the founders’ thinking on that subject. His seems more a philosophy where he bestows rights, waivers, and penalties on winners and losers of his own choosing.

Two views of government stand in clear contrast here. Ryan adds Jack Kemp style seriousness to Romney’s more free floating managerial skills. Ryan, and now Romney, will try to preserve a government of laws built on classical liberal values. Obama didn’t build that, somebody else did. But he does seem to be trying to rebuild something else.



Big Lie

Funny Romney political cartoon by Chip Bok shows Obama camp labeling Romney as a felon, tax cheat, and murderer

The Obama camp will say pretty much anything to distract from three and a half years of 8% unemployment. A Romney aid defended Mitt against accusations of complicity in the cancer death of the wife a laid off former employee, by reminding us of Romney Care. Even Obama doesn’t mention Obama Care. Needless to say, conservatives aren’t happy.



Newsweek’s cover asks if Romney is too big a wimp to be president. Back in May a front page Washington Post story asked if Romney was a bully.