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The Road

Paul Ryan took on government debt by offering another budget this week. The president offered a home movie – The Road We’ve Traveled.

King of the Hill

Harry Reid won’t be taking up the Obama budget. The Senate’s perfect streak without a budget reached 1000 days a month ago.


Backing away from his birth control encyclical, Obama now says that Catholic institutions don’t have to offer free contraception, their insurance companies do. Paul Ryan calls that an “accounting trick”.

For his next trick the president released a budget on Monday that Ryan says “ignores the drivers of our debt, bringing America perilously close to a European-style crisis”.

The American Catholic

Catholics don’t want the president telling them to ignore church teaching, they can do it on their own.

Cutting Fat

High Speed Wail

Alan Simpson called the deficit a “stink bomb in the garden party”. The Obama budget went for the only thing more dear to liberals than bicycle paths – high speed rail. Robert Samuelson says this stink bomb would cost $500 billion over 25 years. I don’t know – less than a trillion sounds cheap these days.