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Man Boob

Swinger Newt brought the crowd to its feet by trashing the government culture of dependency.


Even cartoonists know old inefficient businesses need to be destroyed to make way for new and better things. Otherwise we’d be drawing on cave walls instead of computers.

When Messiahs go Mano a Mano

Thomas Sowell is just fine with Newt. And Jacob Weisberg thinks Newt is nuts. Meanwhile, “The One We’ve Been Waiting For” rates himself the 4th best president in history, edged out of the top spot by Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Johnson.

Invisible Man

Here are 5 myths about Ron Paul from Reason’s Nick Gillespie in the Washington Post.

Newt Loot

As surprise front-runner Newt Gingrich begins unpacking his baggage in Iowa the first item up for inspection is his $1.8 million dollar punched ticket on the Freddie Mac gravy train.

The figures in the chart for Franklin Raines and James Johnson are from IBD. Gorelick’s $26 mil came from CNSnews.