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News Not Fit to Print


News says "A Philadelphia Abortion Doctor is giving infanticide a bad name." TV viewer says " at least they're starting to pay attention."

How do you draw an editorial cartoon about murdering babies after botched abortions? Especially when readers won’t know what you’re talking about because the national media are ignoring the story?

That’s the case with the Gosnell murder trial in Philadelphia. I’ve been following it for a while on Fox News and a few blogs like Breitbart but nobody else (except the Philadelphia Inquirer and other local outlets) seemed to be covering it. That is until Kirsten Powers blew the lid off in a USA Today article about the curious incuriosity of the mainstream media.

With the cat out of the bag, others, including Conor Friedersdorf in The Atlantic and Megan Mcardle in The Daily Beast, began to question the media lack of interest. By that time it was Friday, the traditional bad news dump day.

Private Sector Doing Just Fine Until the Rape and Murder Begins

Unable to push Obama’s jobs bill though the Senate, Democrats shoved it through the chipper instead and hope to pass it piece by piece. Wednesday’s piece was money for the public sector. Harry Reid said this is important because “the private sector is doing just fine“. Joe Biden deflected heat from Harry’s howler by threatening murder and rape if we don’t pass this piece of… legislation right away.

Here are some job numbers since Dec 2007 from IBD: private sector – 5.4%, public sector at all levels – 1.75%, public sector federal level +2.29%. Also, Bloomberg reports the average federal salary in Washington, DC is $126,000.

Heinous Words


The murder of Dr. George Tiller was an act of terrorism designed to intimidate others who perform late term abortions, sometimes on viable fetuses. When Obama started talking about heinous acts of violence I didn’t know if he was talking about Dr. Tiller’s murder or his job description.