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Climate Fire


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When wild fires destroyed the town of Paradise, California Governor Jerry Brown blamed climate change. For the past few weeks Paris has been burning and French President Macron can blame the climate too. The French revolted against a carbon taxed aimed at reducing France’s .4% share of global warming caused by cars.

The €8 billion tax bite comes on top of a 9% unemployment rate. The peasants are pissed.

And so far it’s peasants 1, president 0. Macron backed down and delayed the tax.

How NOW Brown Cow

101015bokloresThe National Organization for Women endorsed Jerry Brown for governor of California last week. A week earlier Brown, or an advisor, was recorded calling his opponent, Meg Whitman, a whore. Here’s the story in the Daily Caller. After its endorsement, NOW called for the firing of whoever dropped the “W” word.

Health Care Costs

090619bokloresPelosi didn’t exactly accuse the Congressional Budget Office of lying this time, but she wasn’t happy with their trillion dollar estimate for the new health care bill.

Risky Business