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G-Men Gone Wild

Funny editorial cartoon by Chip Bok shows shirtless FBI agent and woman saying cheese it it's the FBI
The FBI agent who sent Tampa socialite Jill Kelley a shirtless photo is Fredrick Humphries. He is one of Kelley’s many manly friends. Kelley made a call to Humphries which set off the FBI investigation that revealed David Petraeus’ secret love affair with Paula Broadwell, as well as making General John Allen squirm.

Humphries’ lawyer says the bare chested picture his client emailed Kelley years ago has nothing to do with the investigation. He wasn’t hitting on her. It was sent as part of a joke. Here’s the picture with a story in the Seattle Times.

Crap! I already drew the cartoon. Lucky for me, my friend, American Spectator columnist Andrew Wilson, says to go with it – “it captures the reality of unseeing, uncaring and stupendously stupid behavior in response to brewing evil”. Ok.

I wonder if Putin knows her.

J Edgar Hoover must be rolling over in his evening gown.


Political cartoon by Chip Bok features the White House displayed 4 times with funny Petraeus captions above each White House

Politico has a good timeline on the Petraeus scandal. His affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, began last November.

The story broke because Jill Kelley, a Tampa event planner, plugged into the MacDill Air Force Base social scene, received “harassing” emails last May and notified the FBI. The emails were traced to Broadwell from a joint account she held with Petraeus. Broadwell and Petraeus communicated with each other through the drafts folder in the account.

While there was no breach of national security, the information was passed on to AG Eric Holder, who sat on it until the day after the election. Obama accepted Petraeus’ resignation on Friday Nov 8.

Krauthammer believes Petraeus thought he would keep his job by supporting the administration’s Benghazi storyline.


Kill List

According to the NYT, it’s no more Mr. Nice Guy for the president. On Tuesdays President Obama personally selects, from a stack of cards, a terrorist to be killed. The way the news has been this week, I guess we should be thankful he doesn’t eat the condemned. Some are fine with the killing part, not so much the hypocrisy. Others, however, don’t believe the Commander in Chief job description includes judge, jury, and executioner.

Pelosi Briefs


The Speaker of the House says CIA lied to her. The Chief of Central Intelligence says that’s a lie.

Nothing But Net


Here’s Obama’s speech at the CIA. He wanted to boost morale after he released the “torture” memos. He said, “This is a time for reflection, not retribution”. Then he he reversed course to allow for possible prosecution of high officials. In his speech he said harsh interrogations did “not make us safer”. Memos that showed water boarding saved lives were not released. Another slam dunk in the war against Man Caused Disasters.