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What Difference Does It Make?!


President Obama takes credit for killing Bin Laden. He claimed al Qaeda was “on it’s heels“.When an al Qaeda allied group killed Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi the white house blamed it on an obscure internet video. The video maker went to jail and Obama got re-elected. What difference does it make?

Here’s a David Ignatius analysis of “al Qaeda 2.0”.

Hillary’s Concussion


Hillary fell and hit her head last week and is unable to testify in the Benghazi hearings.

Lied and Died

Judge Kessler: Mr. Tobacco, I want you to say you deceived the public and caused people to die... you too, Obama

Federal judge Gladys Kessler last week ordered tobacco companies to admit, on every pack of cigarettes, that they deceived the public and caused death with their product.

About That Movie

None of the Benghazi attack terrorists has been captured. However, the guy who made that movie – the one Susan Rice now says did not cause the attack – is in jail. He’s in for violating his parole by using an alias while making the flick.

I would have used an alias too. The movie, “Innocence of Muslims”, is so bad it’s funny. It portrays Muhammad using the Quran as an excuse for murder, perversion, and mayhem. It reminded me of the Obama campaign video about Romney using capitalism to justify murdering a woman with cancer. The only difference is the president used his real name in that one and got re-elected.

Susan Rice said on Tuesday that she didn’t mean to mislead about the movie.


Political cartoon by Chip Bok features the White House displayed 4 times with funny Petraeus captions above each White House

Politico has a good timeline on the Petraeus scandal. His affair with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, began last November.

The story broke because Jill Kelley, a Tampa event planner, plugged into the MacDill Air Force Base social scene, received “harassing” emails last May and notified the FBI. The emails were traced to Broadwell from a joint account she held with Petraeus. Broadwell and Petraeus communicated with each other through the drafts folder in the account.

While there was no breach of national security, the information was passed on to AG Eric Holder, who sat on it until the day after the election. Obama accepted Petraeus’ resignation on Friday Nov 8.

Krauthammer believes Petraeus thought he would keep his job by supporting the administration’s Benghazi storyline.