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Shy Trump Voters Not so Mythical After all


Shy Trump voters proved to be more than a myth.

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There’s no such thing as a shy Trump voter

The Washington Post

That was The Washington Post one day before the election.

The polling crisis is a catastrophe for American Democracy

The Atlantic

And that would be The Atlantic one day after the election.

Right now, the biggest issue is the trust deficit. And pollsters did not do a good job in 2016. So if Donald Trump surprises people, if Joe Biden had a 5- or 6-point lead, my profession is done

Frank Luntz

Frank Luntz five days before the election.

The polling industry and the mainstream media has “never been as wrong as it was” in the 2020 presidential election

Frank Luntz

And that’s Frank Luntz two days after the election.

Why have pollsters blown two presidential elections in a row?The problem seems to be pollsters can’t get a straight answer from some Trump voters. And for good reason:

If all you hear day in and day out that Trump is an evil, racist monster, then it’s going to make it less likely you admit to supporting him, including to pollsters.

The effect of ‘shy’ voters is known among pollsters as ‘social desirability bias’, as Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight explained in an article ahead of the election explaining why Trump could still win.

Daily Mail


New York Post Pecking Disorder Ends on Twitter

pecking the new york post, twitter
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Twitter changed the New York Post pecking disorder. The social media behemoth unlocked the Post’s Twitter account on Friday. And the Post is free at last to tell its Hunter Bidden corruption story to its 1.9 million followers.


Fight Speech You Don’t Like with More Speech

fight speech you don't like with more speech, NY Post, Fox news
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What ever happened to the idea that you fight speech you don’t like with more speech?

In 2013 Hunter Biden flew to China on business with his father on Air Force 2. But Joe claims to know nothing about Hunter’s business dealings there. Navy vet and investor Tony Bobulinski says otherwise. And he has evidence to back it up, including his two personal meetings with Joe Biden.

Sounds like a news story to me. But Adam Schiff called it Russian disinformation. Twitter shut down the NY Post’s account when it published the story. And now Fox News is carrying the story.

Woke NFL Player Platform for Small Crowds

woke NFL player platform
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The woke NFL has given a platform to its millionaire social justice warriors. But there are few, if any, fans in the stands and TV ratings are down.

Anonymous Source Behind Resolute Desk

anonymous, resolute desk
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An anonymously sourced story in The Atlantic has tormented President Trump all week. The piece claims he called dead soldiers losers and suckers. But, mercifully, Bob Woodward has cut the legs off that story with one of his own. His new book, Rage, claims Trump soft pedaled  the Carona Virus to avoid panic. The source? Woodward’s 18 taped interviews with Donald Trump.