N-Word Costs Veteran Reporter his Job at NYT

n-word, New York Times

Respected New York Times science reporter Donald McNeil used the n-word. Not in a hateful way but in an instructive way. He used it in a discussion about racism with students on a Times sponsored trip to Peru. Apparently, the instruction didn’t take.

And it cost him his job.

Power of the N-Word

An editorial in Quillette has an interesting take on how a word used without intent can have any power. It must have power in its own right, like a magical incantation.

And here’s Joe Concha, media columnist for The Hill, on the power of the Times’ woke mob:

The “woke” mob has really racked up some victories lately at the nation’s famed newspaper of record, getting award-winning editors and reporters ousted for some of the most questionable reasons. The first win came last June, when Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) wrote an op-ed for the Times advocating the deployment of national guardsmen to American cities to help control last summer’s violent protests — a pretty prophetic suggestion, considering what we witnessed during the horrific riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Yet, Cotton’s opinion piece provoked a severe public backlash from other writers at the Times, with Pulitzer Prize-winning opinion editor James Bennetbeing forced to resign as a result. 

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