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Rough Justice

rough justice

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Christine Basley Ford sent a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein claiming Brett Kauvanough assaulted her when they were both in high school. Senator Feinstein held the letter for six weeks. And then, when it looked like Kavanaugh might be confirmed to the Supreme Court, someone leaked the letter to the media.

Rough Justice

So, despite her fear of flying, Dr. Ford flew to Washington to testify  before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She seemed sincere but was unable to remember when or where the assault took place. Nor could she remember how she got there or returned home. And none of the eyewitnesses she named could corroborate her story.

Brett Kavanaugh Judicial Temperament

judicial temperament

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Brett Kananaugh responded with righteous indignation to accusations that he’s a drunken serial rapist . Which led to accusations that he lacks “judicial temperament.”

Angry Judge Brett Kavanaugh

angry judge brett kavanaugh

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Angry Judge Brett Kavanaugh took offense at being called a drunk and a serial rapist. And he let the Senate Judiciary Committee know it. Very forcefully.

Lindsey Graham was inspired to point out that serial rapists rarely give up their craft to become judges on the nation’s second highest court.

And so it seemed Kavanaugh had won the day. By an 11 -10 party line vote the Judiciary Committee sent his nomination to the full Senate Floor. But in a twist Republican Sen. Jeff Flake  asked for and got a 10 day FBI investigation.


Rachel Mitchell Question Time

Rachel Mitchell

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Christine Blasey Ford appeared before a Senate committee to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her. And Chairman Grassley didn’t want old white guy Republicans to look like they were bullying her. So he hired professional prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to question Dr. Ford.

Good idea maybe in theory but in practice it was weird. She would ask a question and when her five minutes were up it would be a Democrat’s turn. Then after five more minutes, back to Ms. Mitchell.

They dropped the plan during Judge Kavanaugh’s appearance.

Democratic Resistance

Democratic Resistance

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AP reported that the Brett Kavanaugh Senate hearings touched off more Democratic resistance.

Democrats don’t have the votes to block Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. But that didn’t stop them from putting up a rowdy, leave-nothing-on-the-table fight during four days of Senate confirmation hearings that marked a new stage in the party’s resistance to President Donald Trump.

Not Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Then the Christine Blasey Ford sexual assault allegations surfaced. And Dems insisted she had to be believed. They also denied that she had a burden of proof because “it’s a hearing not a trial.”

An angry WSJ editorial responded that, “If “J’Accuse” is the new standard of proof, then we have a long list of Democrats who should be summarily dismissed from public life.”