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Two Trillion Dollar Stimulus Brings Back Bull, For Now

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The Senate passed a two trillion dollar stimulus bill Wednesday night. And the Dow lurched forward 6.4% on Thursday. And that followed an 11% bump from the day before. But the 401k party was over by Friday and it was still down over 20% for the year.

Feds Plan to Make Everyone Flush

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The feds are trying to stimulate the economy out of the toilet. The plan so far is to make everyone flush with free money. Thousand dollar plus checks could be in the mail soon.

Air Travel Animal Farm

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The air travel animal farm made the news again this week. A Michigan woman bought a first class window seat for her horse.

Thank You for Your Service Animals

Meanwhile, back in the section for animals less equal than others, a human pounded on the seat of the woman in front of him. She had committed the economy section faux pax of reclining into his lap.