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Golf Outing


The president’s golf outing with Tiger Woods in Florida was upsetting to journalists because he wouldn’t give them the time of day. Others were upset because they believe he wastes too many days playing golf.

Not me. I enjoyed a few peaceful days without President Angry Man in my face ranting about Republicans firing teachers, killing Head Start andpoisoning the environment.

Alas, not only is he back now, the Obama Moment has been made permanent and forever with the new 501(c)4, Organizing for Action.

Tiger’s Happy Place


The good news is Tiger says he doesn’t exploit women anymore. The bad news is he exploits his dead dad in a recent Nike commercial. The spot brought to mind another truly mythical golfer with self-control issues – Happy Gilmore. Happy channels his father figure, Chubb, in that movie’s final scene (fast forward to the 3:22 mark).

Twelve Steps to More Fame, Money, and Power


Thomas Sowell had another good column last week in which he asked the age old question, “why is Tiger apologizing to me?”.

Naughty or Nice