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Senate Democrats filibustered a bill that would withhold funding from Homeland Security until the president pulls back his executive order on amnesty for illegal immigrants. Not gonna happen.

Besides, a federal judge in Texas already suspended the Obama order. Republicans must have got the news yesterday. Mitch McConnell caved.

Jeb and Hillary Soaking up Cash


Jeb and Hillary,  the consultant class favorites for 2016, are soaking up the cash. The idea being to bleed dry any upstarts like Scott Walker.

David Brock, the gun toting left wing political hit man who runs Media Matters, resigned in a huff from the board of the PAC, Priorities USA Action. Brock claims his enemies leaked this story to the New York Times revealing that he paid a 12.5% commission to Mary Pat Bonner to raise funds for Hillary. So far Bonner has taken a $6 million cut of Hillary’s action.

Apparently commissions are frowned upon in political knife fights.

Update: The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Foundation now welcomes foreign contributions.

A Pox on Anti-Vaxxer Pols


Are anti-vaxxers the soccer moms of 2016? Not likely. Chris Christie gave them a shot but he’s not breaking out from the Republican pack.

Politicians often “inoculate” themselves by condemning an issue expected to be unpopular with voters. A hard line against parents who don’t vaccinate their children could be the litmus test of the day for 2016 presidential campaign. Christie may need a booster.

He’s quarantined himself from interviewers on his luxury trip to England.

Johnny Football is no Broadway Joe

150108-johnny footballThe city of Cleveland will host the 2016 Republican National Convention. The town is currently hosting Johnny Football aka Johnny Manziel.

Johnny Football was unable to answer the bell after a night out. When he missed practice the team had to send a search party to find him. That earned him a suspension from the final game.

Worse than his night life, though, is his inability to answer the bell behind center for the Browns.

Hearing Voices


President Obama had this to say about his shellacking last week:

“To everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you. To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you, too.”

Jared Rizzi of Sirius XM was curious about the nonvoting voices Obama hears. Rizzi asked WH spokesman Josh Earnest if the president is “leader of a coalition that doesn’t vote?”.


Based on Obama’s obsession with rule by fiat he does appear driven by voices that don’t vote. He insists he’ll impose immigration reform by executive action if Congress doesn’t give him what he wants right now. Speaker Boehner, a voice for those who do vote, says that would “poison the well”.

Maybe well poisoning is the objective. In 2010 Obama told latinos to punish our enemies and reward our friends. After all, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough tells us Washington would “work better if Obama has his way”.