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Nuclear Options Players

nuclear options

As expected, Mitch McConnell pulled the trigger and made Chuck Schumer’s filibuster glow in the dark. As for the boy in the husky pants who runs North  Korea: he’s keeping his nuclear options open for now.

Democrat’s Self-Immolate Over Filibuster ‎

Well, Chuck Schumer went with the filibuster. And that caused the Democrats to self-immolate when Mitch McConnell applied the nuclear option. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch rose from the ashes.

Here’s how they voted.

Now that the filibuster has been vaporized, Senate Democrats are defenseless against the Republican majority’s future high court whims. Which does make for a nice fund raising theme. Not to mention that Republicans will be in the same boat when the tide turns.

Republican Majority

republican majority

The last Republican majority in the House and Senate was during the Bush administration. They were better known for pork barrel earmarks than governing.


Republicans’ Pre-Existing Condition

pre-existing condition

The Republicans are selling a health care plan with no mandate that you buy it. And they won’t turn you down if you have a pre-existing condition. So why would you pay for health care before you need it?

Here’s Dr. Krauthammer on that:

It’s not just Donald Trump who ran on retaining this new, yes, entitlement. Everyone did. But it’s very problematic. If people know that they can sign up for insurance after they get sick, the very idea of insurance is undermined. People won’t sign up when healthy and the insurance companies will go broke.

Trump Binding Wounds

161109binding wounds

Donald Trump was gracious in his acceptance speech. He called on the country to bind it’s wounds.

Binding Wounds

So, the president-elect got busy binding wounds of his own party by inviting Reince Priebus to join him onstage.

Until last night plenty of people thought he would kill his adopted party. On October 9 Ezra Kline at Vox wrote, “Trump doesn’t give a damn about what the Republican Party needs.” And that he’s willing to destroy the party for a chance to win.

Yet, as of early this morning, Republicans  control the House, the Senate, the majority of states, and the White House.