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Last Man Standing

The History Channel Channel has a new show called Full Metal Jousting. It’s a reality show in which mounted crazy men try to unhorse each other with lances. Reminds me of the Republican Primary.

Dr Death Meets Grim Reaper

Movin’ On Up


The census numbers are in and the population losers tend to be high tax and regulation states while winners are the opposite.  New York and Ohio lost 2 House seats each.   Texas gained 4.  Doesn’t prove anything, but here’s what Michael Barone has to say about it.

Lamb Chop


Jennifer Granholm, the two term Canadian governor of Michigan, called former GM CEO Rick Wagoner a sacrificial lamb.  The Wall Street Journal, which never agrees with Granholm, agreed. But on the op-ed page Paul Ingrassia, a former Detroit bureau chief for the paper said the sacrifice was long overdue since the stock price had dropped from $70 to under $3 on Wagoner’s watch.  Actually it closed at $1.94 today, which is down from the $53.40 high of the Granholm reign.  Perhaps more sacrifice is in order.