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Charles Manson Pallbearers

MansonCharles Manson died this week, in a hospital. He was 83.

He and his cult of followers, the Manson Family, committed the Tate – LaBianca murders near Los Angeles in 1969. They killed 7 people including actress Sharon Tate. She was 8 1/2 months pregnant.

After killing Tate they smeared the word pig on the walls with her blood. Then they sat down to a “family” dinner.


Kevin Williamson reminds us that Bernardine Dohrn, Jerry Rubin and other ’60s people thought Manson was cool. Dohrn is the wife of Obama pal Bill Ayers. She went on to become a law professor at Northwestern University. Here’s what she had to say about the murders:

“First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, then they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach. Wild!”

No, that’s not Jonathan Livingston Seagull in the picture.

Cartoon Magazine Publisher Hugh Hefner Dies

cartoon magazine publisher hugh hefner Hugh Hefner was a frustrated cartoonist, so he pursued other interests and founded Playboy magazine.

You probably only read Playboy for the fiction. But I read it for the cartoons. Hefner chose the cartoons for each issue.

Cartoon Magazine Publisher Hugh Hefner

I think he also chose the other pictures that appeared in his magazine. And he developed the “Playboy Philosophy” to help him with that task.

But the world of internet porn and political correctness made things difficult for Playboy. An obit in The Atlantic argues that what Playboy offered was “sanitized – Hefner wanted the centerfolds to exude clean-cut charm rather than exotic allure.”

What it should have offered was more cartoons.

Hef was 91 when he died on Wednesday.

Muhammad Ali’s Best Years

best yearsMuhammad Ali gave up the best years of his boxing career for something he believed in. He refused induction into the army during the Vietnam war. By the early 70’s most of the country was on his side and he became the greatest ever.

That made me think of Bob Feller and Ted Williams. They gave up the best years of their baseball careers for something they believed in – fighting WWII. They became heroes too.

I thought I might make something out of that in a cartoon but settled for this.

I’m sure it’s a little theologically dubious – a Muslim, a Christian, and a Jew meet at the Pearly Gates…


Cincinnati Gorilla, Chicago Humans


Well, it’s not every day a gorilla is gunned down in Cincinnati. But for human beings in Chicago it kind of is an every day experience. CBS News Chicago tracks shootings here.

Just Say No


Here’s a good example of a cartoon gone bad.

On Monday the NYT ran a story about the heroin epidemic spreading across the cities of America.

The Times editors chose to place that story on the front page, right next to Nancy Reagan’s obituary. That would be Nancy “Just Say No to Drugs” Reagan.

Considering that prescription drug abuse is soaring and pot is sold openly in Colorado and other states, it’s pretty clear that, 30 years after Nancy’s “Just Say No” campaign, quite a few Americans are saying “yes” to drugs.

Being a sucker for irony, I drew a cartoon and rushed it off to the syndicate. Only then did I stop to look at what I had drawn. I was perplexed by my own cartoon. It was true, but it was crass. Mrs. Reagan was devoted to President Reagan and the White House. I wasn’t thinking about dumping on her the day after her death but that’s the message my image conveyed.

Fortunately, I had failed to stick Muhammad in the picture so I would live to draw another day. 160307nancy

I asked the syndicate to withdraw the drug cartoon and dashed off the one above.

I guess this story is an example of the peculiar power of a picture.

Anyway, should you come across this cartoon, just say no.