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Trumped Up Claim

151123-trumped-up-claimDonald Trump says that on 9/11/2001 he saw on television “thousands and thousands” in Jersey City cheering the attack on the World Trade Center. Only problem is, no one can find the video. It’s a trumped up claim.

More Trumped up Claims

That reminded me of claims by Congressional Black Caucus members that frenzied tea partiers shouted the “n-word” at them as they crossed the street to vote for Obamacare in 2010. There was plenty of video of the event but no “n-word” was ever found. That didn’t stop the story from spreading.

Same goes for the “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative that sparked the riots in Ferguson and lives on to this day. It never happened.


Republican National Committee Debates

151103-republican-national-committeeThe Republican National Committee drafted a letter putting future debate moderators on notice. From now on the candidates will be asking all the questions.

Or something.

Only problem is Bush, Trump, Christie, Florina, and Kasich, refuse to sign the letter.

This amuses Megan Kelly. She recommends foot massages.

CNBC Cage Match

151029-cage-matchThe candidates bit back at the moderators during the CNBC debate. For good reason.

John Harwood got things started by asking Donald Trump if he’s a comic book presidential candidate. Chris Christie didn’t like being asked about fantasy football while ISIS is chopping off heads in the real world.

Cage Match

Ted Cruz told the moderators the debate was not a “cage match“.

Think Progress called the debate “a total train wreck”.

LLoyd Grove writing for the Daily Beast, said it was pretty clear who the loser was – the mainstream media:

The mainstream media—as represented by the business cable network’s principal moderators, Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick, and especially John Harwood—took it on the chin as candidate after candidate, to hearty applause from the partisan audience at the University of Colorado, pointed out that their questions were inaccurate, unfair, or otherwise plain silly.


Hillary and Trump on 9/11

151022-9/11Hillary told Chelsea, via email on the night of 9/11 2012, that the Benghazi attack was a planned terrorist attack. Yet two days later Suzan Rice appeared on 5 Sunday talk shows claiming it was an angry reaction to a movie. Hillary then promised parents of the dead she would hunt down the movie maker.


Dr. Krauthammer says, “We’re living in an age where what you say and its relation to the facts are completely irrelevant.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump is driving Dan Henninger up a wall at the WSJ by implying George W. Bush was responsible for the original 9/11:

Just as Mr. Trump suggested responsibility for 9/11 lies somehow with former President Bush, Mrs. Clinton’s view has been that responsibility for the failure in Benghazi is so diffuse that no one is responsible, that asking questions about what happened is a political attempt to “come after me. ” …

What a spectacle it would be to have America’s highest office contested next year between these two.

Socialism for Democrats


Obama’s 60 Minutes interview wasn’t the only thing I missed last week. The Democrats had a debate.

Thanks to Bernie Sanders, socialism is chic in the party these days.


Sanders wants to offer free college to the middle class and he’s going to make the “greedy rich” pay for it. Problem is, even if he took all the income of the top 1%, which pays 40%, of all federal income tax it wouldn’t be enough.

Meanwhile, capitalist war hero candidate Jim Webb got treated like a returning vet 40 years ago. His son, a current war hero, sticks up for him here.