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Mad Mad World of Comic Genius


Jonathan Winters was a mentor to Robin Williams. Both were tormented comic geniuses. Russell Brand calls it a “divine madness” in this essay in The Guardian.

I was surprised to learn Jonathan Winters spent 8 months in a psychiatric hospital just before his brilliant performance in It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. He wasn’t doing research. He managed to outlast his demons and died of natural causes at age 87.

Update: Here are some thoughts from Ben Stein on comics, depression, and suicide.


Chicago Mayhem

140712chicagoWhy are all those kids showing up at the border? The New York Times says they’re escaping gang violence in big cities in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.


Should some of them find their way to Chicago they can enjoy the blessings of liberty while feeling right at home. Over the Fourth of July weekend 17 people were murdered and 82 wounded by gunfire in Chicago.


Looks like some have found their way to Chicago.

Mothers Day Kiss


 Woke up Mothers Day morning to the sight of Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend’s cake covered face on SportsCenter… over and over and over. Sam, the first openly gay player in the league, was picked by St. Louis in the final round of the NFL draft. Football experts from Barack Obama to Peter King say this is a good thing. So it is.

No Kiss

It won’t be easy, though. I was reminded by a friend that Jonathan Martin got no kiss when his Dolphin teammates bullied him out of Miami to San Francisco last year. And Martin wasn’t even gay, just nice.

Tale of Two Pulitzers


 ABC News president Ben Sherwood had the bad form to complain about being denied a Pulitzer Prize. Television isn’t even eligible for the prizes. They’re awarded to newspapers and digital outlets. Is a TV network’s digital site eligible? Beats me.

Anyway, Sherwood sent a 4 page letter to the Center For Public integrity demanding that ABC reporter Brian Ross be cut in for a share of CPI‘s prize. The reporting was about a doctor/lawyer conspiracy to deprive black lung victims of medical benefits.

Last I heard from Brian Ross he was busy mis-identifying James Holmes, the Denver theater psycho killer, as a Tea Party member.

Two Pulitzers

Meanwhile, Ed Snowden and Vlad Putin were overlooked by the Pulitzer Committee for an award shared by The Washington Post and The Guardian. The two papers were honored for stories detailing NSA spying. The snubbed Snowden, hero or traitor, depending on your point of view, did the basic reporting by stealing information from the NSA. Putin, a renowned New York Times columnist and famous Russian hockey player, is Snowden’s patron.

Eric Holder


Eric Holder recently griped that he has been treated more disrespectfully than any other US Attorney General. As Captain Miller (Tom Hanks) explained to his men in Saving Private Ryan, you never gripe down you always gripe up. In that case our AG was griping up to his host, mob informant and TV pundit  Al Sharpton‘s National Action Network.


Brit Hume thinks Holder is playing 52 pick up with race cards.