Fight Speech You Don’t Like with More Speech

fight speech you don't like with more speech, NY Post, Fox news
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What ever happened to the idea that you fight speech you don’t like with more speech?

In 2013 Hunter Biden flew to China on business with his father on Air Force 2. But Joe claims to know nothing about Hunter’s business dealings there. Navy vet and investor Tony Bobulinski says otherwise. And he has evidence to back it up, including his two personal meetings with Joe Biden.

Sounds like a news story to me. But Adam Schiff called it Russian disinformation. Twitter shut down the NY Post’s account when it published the story. And now Fox News is carrying the story.

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  1. Todd Kettering says:

    The bigger news story is right here. Whether it is true or not, certainly news at some level, only not a single article on CNN’s web site. The real deal: a total news blackout.

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