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Trump Apostrophe

trump apostropheWhat could have caused Trump to side with Putin against his own Intel director? President Trump claimed the U.S./Russian relationship changed for the better during a two hour closed door meeting without notes. And he denied Russia meddled in the 2016 election.

That set off a national freak out making “Our Democracy” look unhinged.

Score one for Putin.

Former CIA Director Brennan called Trump treasonous. George Will called him an “embarrassing wreck of a man.” Calmer voices said his remarks were worse than Kristallnacht and Pearl Harbor.

Trump Apostrophe

So, within a day, on the 100th anniversary of the murder of Tsar Nicholas and his family, the president caved. He misspoke. He meant to say, “I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be Russia,” rather than “why it would be Russia.”

For the want of an apostrophe…

NATO Brussels Breakfast Belgian Waffles

brussels breakfast Belgian waffles

President Trump spoke up in his usual way at a NATO breakfast in Brussels. Which is to say overbearing.

He drove home the point, over and over, that all the member states need to pay their fare share. The U.S. pays more than other NATO members by far.

Brussels Breakfast Belgian Waffles

It’s a point often made by Trump opponents. But they were mortified.

Sempre Space Force

space force

President Trump wants a new branch of the military – The Space Force.

Never Trump Republicans

never trump republicans

I can see why the Democrat Resistance is freaking out. But what is it with the Never Trump Republicans? Trump’s giving them everything they want. Except his resignation.

Harley Davidson Trade War Surrender Monkey

trade war surrender monkey

President Trump thinks Harley-Davidson is a traitorous Trade War surrender monkey. It wasn’t always that way. That is until the E.U. slapped a 31% tariff on the company in response toTrump’s 25% tariffs on E.U. steel and aluminum.

Trump had considered Harley to be part of his base. But he left the motor cycle maker in a tough spot. His tariffs coupled the E.U. hit could add $2,200 to the price of each bike.

Harley’s customer base consists of American Baby Boomers. And they’re getting too old and fat to ride the Hogs. So the company looked abroad, building plants in Brazil, India and Thailand. And it plans a new plant in the E.U. which would dodge the tariff.

Trade War Surrender Monkey

That didn’t sit well with Trump.  He tweeted that Harley raised the “white flag” and he threatened to tax them like “never before.”

Whatever that means.