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Bachelor Degree

This is an editorial cartoon I did for the Tampa Bay Times. Florida Governor Rick Scott, taking a page from the Texas playbook, is challenging state colleges to offer 4 year degrees for $10,000.

About That Movie

None of the Benghazi attack terrorists has been captured. However, the guy who made that movie – the one Susan Rice now says did not cause the attack – is in jail. He’s in for violating his parole by using an alias while making the flick.

I would have used an alias too. The movie, “Innocence of Muslims”, is so bad it’s funny. It portrays Muhammad using the Quran as an excuse for murder, perversion, and mayhem. It reminded me of the Obama campaign video about Romney using capitalism to justify murdering a woman with cancer. The only difference is the president used his real name in that one and got re-elected.

Susan Rice said on Tuesday that she didn’t mean to mislead about the movie.

Investment Grade

Hostess went out of business today. Twinkies are hot!

G-Men Gone Wild

Funny editorial cartoon by Chip Bok shows shirtless FBI agent and woman saying cheese it it's the FBI
The FBI agent who sent Tampa socialite Jill Kelley a shirtless photo is Fredrick Humphries. He is one of Kelley’s many manly friends. Kelley made a call to Humphries which set off the FBI investigation that revealed David Petraeus’ secret love affair with Paula Broadwell, as well as making General John Allen squirm.

Humphries’ lawyer says the bare chested picture his client emailed Kelley years ago has nothing to do with the investigation. He wasn’t hitting on her. It was sent as part of a joke. Here’s the picture with a story in the Seattle Times.

Crap! I already drew the cartoon. Lucky for me, my friend, American Spectator columnist Andrew Wilson, says to go with it – “it captures the reality of unseeing, uncaring and stupendously stupid behavior in response to brewing evil”. Ok.

I wonder if Putin knows her.

J Edgar Hoover must be rolling over in his evening gown.

Flying Squirrel

London 2012 Olympics editorial cartoon about all-around gymnastics Gold winner Gabby Douglas by cartoonist Chip Bok

The London 2012 Olympics has become, in many ways, a no free speech zone in order to protect the branding rights of “approved global sponsors”. Here’s a helpful list of words to avoid.